Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dear family

Hey how is everything going this week? How is everyone liking being
back in school? sorry this is the third week in a row I have been
late sending out an email. All the libraries were closed yesterday
because of the snow. School is still out. We got about 3 or 4
inches. Little Rock shuts down when it snows here. We got to do some
service because of it though. Sunday night the roads were really
slick. So if the cars stoped going up a hill or at a stop sign, they
couldn’t get started again. So there were a lot of cars getting
stuck. So we helped push them up the little hills and get going after
the stop signs. It was fun. They wouldn’t role backwards down the
hill, just sit there and spin the tires. So a couple of us behind
them pushing made the difference. The baptism went really good on
Sunday. We went to the funeral with Luis on Saturday. Then Sunday
was Stake conference. It was a broadcast from salt lake. President
Monson and Elder Perry were the speakers. Then the baptism was right
after. Lol she didn’t want to go under the water. She was fine
walking down into it, but after I said the prayer and was trying to
get her under the water, she didn’t want to do it. Lol It took a few
tries and a few times saying the prayer. Finally, Elder Nield had to
find a jump suit and come into the water too. It still took a couple
tries and we finally just slid her down under real fast. Lol I think
everyone was having a good time watching except the three of us in the
water. Well I’m getting transferred again. Not to far though. Just
to the other side of maple street. I’m taking Elder Cowan’s place.
So I just move bedrooms. We have another general authority that is
coming to the mission. Elder Gonzales is going to be here on Friday.
He is the area 70 for the south east part of North America. There
are 6 or 7 companionships that are being invited to come and meet with
him. We are one of them. We are pretty excited for that. Then the
next week is when Elder Sybrowskie is coming. Lots of great stuff is
going to be happening. Then on top of it all. Elder Peinamalie (my
new companion) and I are going to be having a baptism on Saturday.
Lots of great stuff. I haven’t started working on anything with the
application stuff for BYUI. I forgot about it all. Ill be seeing
President Drewes at the transfer meeting tomorrow though and I’ll ask
him about it there. Thanks for the reminder. I hope you have a great
week this week. I miss you.

Love Elder Marshall