Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Steven's Letter on May 25

Dear family
I got the letters you sent. I think the dear elder is the best way to send me mail. It was good to hear from all of you. I got the email too. I havent used any money at all. It looks like you were up pretty late. The week has flown by pretty fast. We are being kept pretty busy. I am studying mostly out of preach my gospel. We go over the lessons constantly. i am also studying the questions of the soul a lot. They are on page 107. I found out that zera pulsipher is in one of the books from the missionary library. He is in Our Heritage. I think thats the name that kandace and i looked for when we were in Nauvoo. I have a lot of reading in that book too. Elder Fjerstad and I have spent a lot of time in the referance center. Thats a place here at the mtc where we make calls and recieve calls from people who want free book of mormons or dvd's when they see comercialls on TV or on the radio. I have had a couple neet teaching experiences there now. I have gotten to send out book of mormons and have even been able to get people to recieve the missionaries. Im working with a lady from back east right now. I get to call her again tomorrow night to see if she will let the missionaries come over and teach her. The four of us got our travel plans a couple days ago. We leave a week from tomorrow at 4 in the morning. Only 8 more days and i'll be in arkansas. I can't believe how fast the time is going here. I hope everything is going good there. That movie dad made sounds like it was a lot of fun. It sounds like corey kinda got the raw end of the deal with Lysha painting her finger nails in our room. O if you could thank a few people for me i would really appreciate it. Thank Bishop jenson for the hynm book that he gave me when i got baptized. I found out when i got here that you have to have one. So most people had to by them. Thank grandma for the set of scriptures. And i wanted to thank you for the missionary books that you gave me. I have used them a lot. Thank you so much for the letters. I kinda know how the missionaries on the Best Two Years feel when they got their mail. O i didn't use those ear phones that you found on the desk. I had a pair. i'm not sure how the case got there or where the ear phones are. I got the letter you sent in the mail and the Dear Elder letter on the same day. I think it was on tuesday but im not sure. Tell Rebecca and kaitlyn thankyou for their letters. I am using kaitlyns book mark in my Our Heritage book. Tell her thanks for the picture to. well my time is just about up so i better send this before it kicks me off. I hope to hear from all of you soon.
Love Elder Marshall

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello from the Marshalls
Dear Family,
So i hope you get this e-mail.
This week has been a pretty intense week. My companion's name is elder Fjerstad. He's a pretty nice guy and we have been working hard to learn how to teach the gospel. our classes are about 3 hours long each and we usually have 3 of those and then a two hour class later at night. we wake up at 6 and are in class by 7 and are usually back to our rooms by about 9:30. Elder fjerstad has been having problems adjusting to the schedual. I think he is used to having more sleep at night. I haven't had to big of a problem though. I think im getting a lot more sleep now than i am when i was up at byui. There are a lot of people here that i know. Joe redman is here still. Josh still has 4 more weeks to go. He was pretty upset when he found out that i would be leaving the mtc before he would be. Zack Lee is here. He lived 2 doors down from me when i was living at biddulph. Now he lives right next door and is in my zone so i see him every day. He got here the week before me so he has two more weeks to go. Kyle hogan is here too. He was in the rotc program with me and i did a couple double dates with him last semester. he lived on the second floor at bidulph. carlie is here to. She was allyssa's room mate up at byui. She is going to texas and got here the same day i did. I thought there would be a lot more free time while we were here but we cram as much into each day as we can. Even today, P day, its a full day. We only have 30 minutes for letter writing letters on email and then the computer kicks us off. we also do all of our laundry today and anything else we need to do to be ready for next week. I think i've worked more this weekend than i ever have before on a weekend. Even sunday was full of meatings and studying. and saturday was just a regular day at the mtc. There are 4 of us that are going to Arkansas together. besides Elder Fjerstad and i, Elder Baren and Elder Steed are also going. All of us are in the same room. I hope every thing is going good at home. Monday is the only day we can do any writing. and its the only day the computers will let us read emails. so if you want to tell me something before monday, you will have to send the letter in the mail.
Love Elder Marshall

We have been quite busy. We got Steven off to the MTC. He was excited to go up until it was time for him to go one way and the rest of us go the other way. It was a little hard on us all.

May 9 was also prom for Lysha. She had a good time.

Last night we had a orchestra concert. Lysha and Kaitlyn both played in it.