Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear family
Hey how is everyone doing this week? Is everyone getting excited to
be getting out of school pretty soon? Everyone is out here.
Graduation was today. That’s awesome that the family just got
baptized. There name is the Garcias? Is it a Hispanic family?
That’s great to have a new family in the ward. It hasn’t been
raining very much till today. We still haven’t been anywhere close to
seeing a tornado. Today its raining though. We were over by the
church playing soccer in a field with a bunch of missionaries. It
started raining about half way through. We decided to keep playing
though. It was a lot of fun. We were all soaked by the end of the
game. There were a lot of mud spots too so that was a lot of fun.
Last Monday night we got a pretty crazy phone call. Temeka has been
trying to move to another house, but she hasn’t been able to get a
truck to help her move. We had set everything up for the ward to go
help her move on Thursday. She and her family have been living in the
new house though. They just had her beds there. Well the land lord
for the other house got told that it had been abandoned so he decided
he was going to go and take all of her stuff out so he could rent it
out. He tore everything out of the house. Beds, fridge, clothes,
pictures, social security cards, everything… He threw everything out
in the street. It was in the evening time too. We got a call from her
at about 7:30. People had already started digging through it taking
what they wanted. Nicer things like her fridge were already gone.
She was pretty upset because they didn’t have much to start out with.
We couldn’t go over until Tuesday morning and we helped her get
everything that was left. She has been through a whole lot lately.
She is doing a lot better now though. Besides that everything is
going great here. Elder Arnold and I are doing great together. Well I hope everything is going great for you. I hope everyone is having fun in their last
couple weeks of school. I love you

Love Elder Marshall

Monday, May 17, 2010

This quilt is my Mom's. It is called "Blooms" She finished it this last week. We started them at the Cedar City quilt retreat.(I am still working on mine)Both pictures are the same quilt the coloring is just different because of the flash.

This quilt is one that I got started with my sisters on a weekend trip to Salt Lake a couple of years ago. Yes this one is actually quilted.

This quilt is called the Hunters Star. The Black, White, and Red one is mine. The Blue and White is Mom's(she does not blog so I get to show of her quilts too)I hope to get this one quilted this summer also. (I have a lot to do this summer)

I thought I would show off some quilts that I have been working on. These are just quilt tops I plan on quilting them this summer. The 2 top quilts I worked on with my Relief Society sisters. "Oh my stars" and "Stars and Stripes" are quilts that I learned how to do at the Cedar City quilt retreat.

Steven's letter May 17

Dear Family
Hey how has your week been going this week? Did you get the
pictures i sent? It sounds like the trip to Idaho was pretty fun. So
the family got baptized? Thats awsome. How many people are in their
family? Elder Arnold and i have been doing pretty good this week. We
have been doing a little bit of service, but it wasn't because of the
storms. We helped a recent convert move. We have been working a lot
with Temeka's family. We have been talking to them a lot about how we
want them to all go to the temple and be sealed together as a family.
four of the family are already baptized. We have been working with
three others trying to get them ready to be baptized. We are working
with another youger family too. Tina and Jerry. They have 4 little
kids too. All under 5 years old. They are a really great family.
They are a great family we found them when we went up and started
talking to Jerry. He was watching a guy get arrested so we went over
and started talking to him and invited him to come play basket ball.
He ended up coming and bringing his whole family. They have come to
basketball everyweek since. They have only come to church once
though. Tina works all but 2 sundays a week and Jerry doesn't like
bringing 4 little kids to church by himself. They want to get
baptized on the 4th of june. Elder Arnold and i love going over and
talking to them. The members of the ward really love the family too.
Well i hope you are haveing a great week.
Love Elder Marshall
Quote of the week: “We should learn to be patient with ourselves.
Recognizing our strengths and our weaknesses, we should strive to use
good judgment in all of our choices and decisions, make good use of
every opportunity, and do our best in every task we undertake. We
should not be unduly discouraged nor in despair at any time when we
are doing the best we can. Rather, we should be satisfied with our
progress even though it may come slowly at times.” Joseph B.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kaitlyn is so happy to get her picture taken!!

Corey was able to go to prom with Jessany Mortenson. Prom was in Las Vegas at the Treasure Island. They had a great time.

Rebecca convinced me that it was silly sock day at school. After school she told me that it really wasn't silly sock day it was a different day. She said that it was fun to wear them anyway.
Dear family

Hey how is everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing good. It was
great to hear from everyone yesturday. Did you ever get the video to
work that i sent you? We went over to a recent converts house and she
made a video for elder Arnold and i on her phone. we are going to be
helping her move later this week. So did you have fun over at the
shop last night? It sounded like just about everyone was there. Its
been raining again today. I think its supposed to rain tomorrow to.
It rains so much here. a bunch of the elders here in memphis got
together and played basketball at the church. It was a lot of fun.
I'm getting better. I was pretty horrible when i started playing.
Most of the missionaries around here haven't played much either though
so we just go to have fun. Later today a member is taking us out to
have pizza out in south haven. Well i hope everyone is having a great
day. I hope you have a great week. Sorry i missed you Corey. I'll
make sure i get a letter in the mail this week. I love you.
Love Elder Marshall

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hey how is it going this week? It sounds like its been pretty cold
there. It has been raining like crazy this weekend here. I
don't think i've seen so much rain. Friday morning
we got woke up at about 4 by tornado sirens. It was no fun. There
never was any tornadoes though. There were in arkansas though. In my last
area in Little Rock, they had a couple. The sirens were
going most of Saturday too. By saturday night, Elder Arnold and i
were pretty tired of hearing them. We slept all night long saturday.
We got told on sunday that that was when the worst of the storm was.
It didn't bother either of us though.
Well neither of us are getting transfered. Elder Arnold
and i are pretty excited to be staying together again. O we went and
saw Tameka this week. (thats shameka's mom) She has been seeing
missionaries for a while now. She has is completely ready to get
baptized except she smokes. She has told all the missionaries she
wants to quite and get baptized, but she never has. Well On friday we
went and had an awsome lesson with her. Elder Arnold and i were
pretty bold with her. She has had 4 baptism dates so far and she has
missed everyone because she can't quit smoking. We called her out on
it and told her she needs to be baptized on the 8th. The spirit was
so strong. She has always told the missionaries " I'll try. I won't
lie to you I'll try to quit, but i don't know if i can." This time we
wouldn't leave it at that. She finally promised us and God that she
would quit smoking so she could be baptized. We have been seeing her
everymorning since to read scriptures with her and help her quit. It
has been amazing to see how much she has changed since then. She is
so much happier now. Before, she would go through mood swings and she
always had headaches. She is getting baptized on Friday. We are
pretty excited for her. Well I hope you have a great week.
Love Elder Marshall
Quote of the week:
“Faith is not a theological platitude. It is a fact of life. Faith can
become the very wellspring of purposeful living. There is no more
compelling motivation to worthwhile endeavor than the knowledge that
we are children of God, the Creator of the universe, our all-wise
Heavenly Father! God expects us to do something with our lives, and he
will give us help when help is sought.” - Gordon B.