Monday, August 31, 2009

Steven's letter Aug 31

Dear Family
So there are a lot of fires going out west? I didn't even know that. We don't know anything thats going on unless the members tell us what the news says. So no new bishop yet? i thought there would have been one called by now. Youll have to let me know when someone gets made the bishop. This week has been a lot of fun here in pocahontas. We have been able to do a lot of service this week. We helped a couple of the older sisters in the branch paint their chairs. Then we got reminded that we had some things that we needed to get ready for the fair. So we made a big sign with the 17 points of the true church, we made a display thing that shows how our church is set up the same way that Christs church was set up. We also got asked to help one of the members put a roof on a building at the fair grounds and then paint it. We have had a pretty busy week. This next week is going to be really busy to. The fair starts on tuesday and goes through saturday. We are going to be there at the booth a lot. It doesn't sound like it is a really big fair, but they have a lot of neat stuff at it. There is a rodeo, a little carnival, and they have redneck games. Im not sure what is going to be in the redneck games, but Elder Hansen and I are definatly going to those. Its going to be a lot of fun. We have been inviting alot of our investigators to come and see it, and a couple of the people who have just been baptized are wanting to work in the booth. Tina and Travis are doing pretty good. We saw them on sunday. Tina's Sister is moving out for a few weeks though so we arn't going to be able to keep teaching her for a while. So we are only going out to Ash Flat once a week now. How is everyone liking being back in school? does rebecca like Kindergarden? Well i found this story i thought yall would probably like. It made me laugh.
The first Epistle of the Elders
to the Letter Writers:

Chapter One
1. In the beginning was the mailbox and the mailbox was void of letters.
2. And the missionaries said, Let the mailbox be filled and the box was not filled.
3. And the missionaries beheld the continuing void and were not pleased.
4. And lo, it was the first day of the week and there was no mail delivered, but this was good.
5. But on the second day mail was delivered, yet the mailbox remained empty.
6. Yea, even from the second day unto the seventh was the mail delivered.
7. Even so the box retained its' void.
8. And yea, great mists of darkness spread forth from the void and enshrouded the Missionaries. Yea and did bring much sadness to their otherwise cheery days.
9. Even the long hours of fruitless tracting, being chased by the fowls of the air, and being pursued by the beast of the field were not as disheartening as the lack of sacred objects known as letters.
10. Yet they persisted.

Chapter Two
1. And, lo, on the second day of the second week the mists still encircled the sacred mailbox.
2. And on the third day, from within the depths of the void was a single postcard.
3. And this postcard put forth a single ray of light which did pierce the darkness and did overcome the mists.
4. And the Missionaries were well pleased and there was much rejoicing.
5. But, alas, their joy was not to last. For the mailbeast had made a mistake and the postcard was for someone else.
6. But if their joy was so exceedingly great over someone else's mail, how great would be their joy at partaking of their own mail.

Chapter Three
1. But some will say, a letter, a letter. We have already written a letter. We have no need to write anymore letters.
2. Know ye not that there are more days than one. And more events than one in a day. Why think ye that these events need not to be reported.
3. Yea, and ye need not worry that your letter will go unanswered.
4. But you should say, I will go and write the letter that a missionary requests. For I know he giveth no request except he be prepared to respond.
5. And we give unto you the Parable of the self addressed envelopes.
6. When the missionary departed into the far off land he gave a certain number of self-addressed stamped envelopes to his friends.
7. Unto one he gave 5, unto another he gave 2, and unto the third he gave 1.
8. And while he was gone he that was given the 5 envelopes wrote 5 letters, then in his zeal wrote 5 letters more.
9. The same with him that had 2 envelopes; he wrote 2 letters and then 2 letters more.
10. He that was given the self-addressed envelope became slothful and careless. And he lost the envelope, even that which he was given.
11. When the missionary came home he went unto his friends. And he that had written 10 letters was warmly greeted.
12. The same with him that had written 4.
13. But he that had written none at all was given nothing more than a Fishy-Whimp like handshake.

Chapter Four
1. And it has been said; Blessed are the letter writers for they shall receive mail in return.
2. Blessed are they that keep in touch with a missionary for they shall know all that happens to him.
3. Ye and your letters are the light of a missionaries' day.
4. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.
5. Neither do men write letters and put them in a desk but in an envelope that it giveth light unto all that are around the missionary.
6. Let your letters so be read by missionaries that they may see your good works and show an increased love to you.
7. And we give unto you the Parable of the Prodigal Letter Writer.
8. A missionary had two friends while he was laboring in the field.
9. One was faithful and wrote every week to the missionary.
10. Meanwhile, the other friend spent his stamp money on riotous living and wrote no letters.
11. But after 231/2 months he felt deep sorrow and did write a letter unto the missionary.
12. Who when he received it did go and kill the fatted Macaroni and Cheese box and did feast and was merry.
13. For it was meet that he should make merry for the letter writer which was lost was now found.

Chapter Five
1. And the missionary said unto his friend, Lovest thou me?
2. And the friend said, of course I love thee.
3. He saith a second time, friend, Lovest thou me? and the friend said, Thou knowest that I love thee. He then said, Feed my mailbox.
4. He then spake a third time saying, Lovest thou me? and the friend said, Thou knowest all things, thou knowest I love thee.
5. Then the missionary said, Stuffest my mailbox.
6. And the vision is become unto all as the words of a letter which is sealed in the envelope that the men deliver to one who is not serving a mission saying, read this, I pray thee; and he saith I cannot for it is not mine.
7. And the letter is delivered to him that is serving a mission saying, read this I pray thee; and he saith, why sure.
8. Therefore you should proceed to do a marvelous work among a missionary, even a marvelous work and a wonder by writing a letter.

I hope everyone has a good week and has fun in school. Let me know how everything is going. I love you and miss you
Love Elder Marshall

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Steven's letter Aug 24

Dear Family
This week has been great here in Arkansas. Its been a little hectic though. Elder Hansen and I are together for at least 6 more weeks here in Pocahontas. The 2 baptisms on Saturday went really well. Ill send some pictures so you know who I’m talking about. We slept in the church building up in ash flat on Friday night because the baptism was at 10 in the morning. It’s a long drive to get all the way up there so we just drove up Friday afternoon and slept on the floor in the gym. We brought the cushions of our couch and the couch in the church for our beds. There is a fair coming up on the 1st through the 5th here that we are supposed to be planning. We need to start planning. Elder Hansen and I are pretty excited about being in that. We have a booth in the main building. We have a whole lot of pass along cards and pamphlets to hand out to people. The members here in the branch are excited to be working in the booth with us to. There is a rodeo and a lot of good food that is supposed to be there too so its going to be a fun week. We are still driving out to ash flat twice a week. There are a couple more people out there that we think might be getting baptized in the next 3 or 4 weeks. We don’t have any scheduled yet though. There are a couple people here in Pocahontas that I think are pretty close to wanting to be baptized. And one out in corning too. Well that’s about all that’s happening here. We still haven’t seen any tornadoes yet. The weather has been really nice. Well have fun going back to school. Lol I hope you find the snake.
Love Elder Marshall

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Steven's letter Aug 17

Dear Family
This week has been pretty good here in Pocahontas. We had a baptism for Duke pinn on Saturday. It was a really neat baptism. Duke even got up and bore his testimony after he got baptized. He said he had never felt the spirit as strong as he was feeling it then. He is a really neat guy. He is going to make an awesome member. We have two more baptisms next week for Tina and her son Travis. Tina’s husband died about a month ago now. She is really excited to get baptized and eventually go through the temple and be sealed to her husband. There are a lot of really nice people here. Elder Hansen and I keep meeting more every day.
Transfers are coming up next week. Elder Hansen doesn’t think either of us is going to get moved. We will find out on Sunday if either of us is going to get moved though. We will be together at least till next Tuesday though.
I met sister May’s cousin on Sunday. We got a new senior couple. They said they used to be serving in Nauvoo. I asked them if they knew sister May and it was her cousin. They are the Normans from Cash Valley. Elder Norman was in the Tabernacle choir for 18 years. They are living out by Ash Flat.

We were in Memphis on Tuesday for zone meeting. That’s about a two hour drive each way. Elder Hansen and I have been spending a lot of time in the car lately. We have to go to ash flat twice a week which is about an hour each way, Jonesboro once a week, another hour each way. Then this week we had to go to Memphis. Lol that was a pretty good story about the snake getting into the house. You’ll have to let me know how that turns out. Well that’s about all that’s going on here. Have a good last week without school.
Love Elder Marshall

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Steven's letter Aug 10

Dear family
The reunion sounded like it was a lot of fun. Its been a really good week here. We have had to drive out to ash flat twice a week for a while now. There is a baptism there this Saturday and two next Saturday. Elder Hansen and I are really excited for all three of them. We have been staying really busy. Transfers are a week from Sunday. I was in Blytheville most of this week on splits with the missionaries there. It was fun to see another part of Arkansas. I like Pocahontas a lot better, but it was fun to go somewhere else. I was supposed to be going to Memphis this week with the zone leaders, but they have to go to Blytheville instead. Elder Hansen and I still have to go on Tuesday to Memphis for zone meeting though. This week I learned all about how to go catfish hoggin’ . They do it a lot here. It sounds like a lot of fun, but I don’t think we can do it as missionaries. You find a whole where the catfish sleep. Then you just stick your hand down into it real slow until they bite onto you hand, then you pull it out of the water. I guess they have a big competition here. lol I learned the best way to skin a squirrel this week too. And I got told all about bow fishing. We spent a lot of time this week with one of the families that lives out away from town this weekend. It was a lot of fun. They live out on a farm out in the hills. I’m glad I’ve been writing stuff in a journal because there has been a lot of funny stuff that has happened out away from Pocahontas. On Friday night Elder Hansen and I went out to see the family that has all the dogs. I think they have about 30 now. They needed help herding their pigs from one pen to another. That was a lot of fun. The pigs didn’t want to get moved. Elder Hansen has chiggers all over now. Its been a fun week. well thats about it from here. I hope everything is going good there. Have a good week. Let me know how grandpa is doing
Love Elder Marshall