Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well everything is going good here.  Elder Arnold and i
have been working hard together. We have been teaching a lot of
lessons together. We are having a baptism this friday. His name is
brandon. He is about 21. Elder Arnold and i are pretty excited for
that. His mom and his neace have already been baptized. We were
hoping that his sister would be able to get baptized, but she couldn't
come to church so she is going to have to wait another week. There are
a lot of people here that want to change their lives. A lot of them
live in very humble circumstances and dont have very much money. . .
or anything else. A lot of the people that we talk to have had rough
lives and want to change their lives and become better people. I have
been really surprised at how religious everyone here is. ELder Arnold
and i are getting a lot of practice at just going up and talking to
random people on the streets. There are always people out walking
around. all day long. Especially when the sun starts going down. We
meet a lot of interesting people. Most of them will stop what they
are doing to listen to what we have to say too.
So I had a funny experience this last week at church. My
companion sometimes has a hard time staying awake in church. Well he
was sitting next to one of our investigators during sacrament meeting
and he started falling asleep and was nodding off. lol Well the
investigator saw his head bobbing and bumped him and asked " hey are
you sleeping?" Elder arnold said," No, I'm having revelation." He
said it with a strait face and the investigator thought he was serious
so he just said, " O sorry, Keep having them revelations" and didn't
say anything else to him. Lol It was pretty funny. Well i hope you
are having a great week. I miss you.
Love Elder Marshall

Quote of the week: "We cannot become who we need to be by remaining
who we are" -Elder Ballard

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear family,
Hey how is everyone doing this week?  Is everyone happy to be
back in school? Is it pretty nice weather there? Its been
really nice here. Perfect weather. Sorry again for not
getting you all a letter on time last week. We were
pretty busy all week last week. we have been working with a
lot of people trying to get them ready for baptism in
the next few weeks. Its been a pretty crazy week.
We have 10 people with baptism dates, for the 24th and
for the 1st of next month. Elder arnold have been working
really hard this last week. He is a lot of fun to be around.
One of the families we are working with are
the Gilcrests. They are a really neat family.
The Grandma and one of the daughters is already baptized.
We have been working with the mom,the dad, a daughter,
and one of the uncles alot this week. THey are
all getting baptized on the 24th. Its coming up fast.
They are an awsome family. They were being taught before
I got here. They love it when we come over and read
scriptures with them. They call it bible study and
everyone comes in and sits on the bed in the livingroom
to read with us. We are also working with a lady named
Veronica. SHe is from texas. She was taking lessons
a while ago, but then got lost by the missionaries.
She stopped us on the side of the road and asked us to
come see her. She has a baptism date for the
24th too. THere is a lot going on in this area right now.
We will definatly be busy for the next few weeks.
Its been amazing so far in this area i have really been
enjoying it here. We work really hard.
Well i hope everything is going good there.
I hope everyone is having fun. I miss you all.
Have a good week.
Love Elder Marshall
quote of the week:
“Everybody in this life has their challenges and
difficulties. That is part of our mortal test.
The reason for some of these trials cannot be
readily understood except on the basis of faith
and hope because there is often a larger purpose which
we do not always understand. Peace
comes through hope.”

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dear family
Hey how is everything going. Sorry i didn't email on monday. All of
the Libraries were closed. How has your week been going? It sounds
like spring break was a lot of fun. I bet going bowling and miniture
golfing was fun. Thanks for the package you sent. I got it
yesturday. THanks for the spanish scriptures. I'll be using them for
sure. I have been able to talk to quite a few people in spanish this
week. WHenever we see any hispanic people on the streets, i always
go up and talk to them. Its really good practice for me. I never did
it when i was in Little Rock. I like doing it now though. I'm
getting a lot of practice at just going up to people and talking to
them. I have been reading the book of mormon in spanish everymorning
for about 30 minutes before study time starts. Hopefully i'll keep
learning more. Its been kindof a crazy week here. ELder Whiting got
moved. He is in Little Rock now. He left Sunday. Elder Arnold is my
new companion. He has been out just 6 weeks in the mission. he's
from a little town in washington. well i hope everything is going
good there. THanks again for the package. and for the letters and
candy. I miss you
Love Elder marshall

Friday, April 2, 2010

Steven's letter March 29

Dear Family
Hey how is everything going? This week is Spring Break? how is
everyone liking that. Is it pretty nice there right now? Everything
is great here. My new area is in Memphis. I really like it. Its
alot different than anywhere else i have served. Its all city area.
My companion is from Nampa Idaho. I really like serving with him. We
are working really good together. This week I have mostly just been
trying to learn the area. Trying to remember a bunch of new names and
remember where everything is here. Its a pretty small area compared
to any of the others i have served in, but there is a lot more in it.
There are people everywhere here. We can just walk around and talk
to people all day if we want to. Everyone is out walking on the
street or sitting on the front porch. Its also kindof different
because there are a lot of other missionaries here. We just got done
playing volleyball and basket ball at the church. There were about 20
other missionaries there. it was a lot of fun. I guess they do that
every monday. There are 2 sets here in this ward. Most of the members
live in the other Elders area though. We are working on getting more
members in our area. The last couple days have been pretty good.
Yesterday we had a pretty neat experience. We were walking down the
street and a truck pulled over. The lady driving it asked us if we
were the mormons. We told her yes and she asked if we could have
someone come over and see her. I guess she used to be taking the
lessons from the missionaries, but she wasn't ready to make changes.
She asked us to come over and start teaching her again. We are going
over on tuesday to talk to her and her son. I guess the same thing
happend a week ago too. Her name is Cindy. We went over and tought
her two days ago. It was really neat. She wants to get baptized.
Elder Whiting and i are pretty excited for her. Well I hope everyone
is doing good. I hope everyone is having fun this week.
Love Elder Marshall
Quote of the week:
“Perhaps there has never been a time when we had greater need to pray
and to teach our family members to pray. Prayer is a defense against
temptation. It is through earnest and heartfelt prayer that we can
receive the needed blessings and the support required to make our way
in this sometimes difficult and challenging journey we call
mortality.” -Thomas S. Monson