Monday, March 21, 2011

Dear Family

Hey how is your week going this week? Anything exciting going on?
Its been kindof crazy here. Where do I even start… Elder Kelly and I have been working really hard this week. We have been working a lot with the barber family. The dad of the family is getting baptized on Saturday. He has been kindof hesitant saying that he isn’t ready yet.
He spent a lot of time in Iraq and wants to be able to have a new start that baptism would give him, but he has wanted to be completely ready for it. To make things even harder, they have a very busy work and school schedual and we have only been able to meet with them once a week. Last week he said he wasn’t ready at all. Then by the time we left he was sincerely thinking about it. Then we saw him yesterday and he told us he wasn’t ready yet. We read 3rd nephi 11 and started talking about how important it was for him. He told us that he really wanted to be baptized, he just wanted to be completely ready. We went over the baptismal interview and set up an interview time. Then thismorning, his wife, who is a member, called us and told us that she had already set up a couple of talks for the baptism, he had said her dad could baptize him, and she wanted to know who she could talk to about playing the piano. The baptism is going to be at 1 on Saturday.
We were pretty excited to get that phone call. It was great. Our
other baptismal dates for this weekend aren’t looking so good though.
I’m pretty confident they will go through eventually, but probably not this weekend. We have had a crazy weekend though. We got a call from our mission president on Friday telling us that the little rock elders were needing to stay with us for a little while. That something had happened whith where they stay that they couldn’t stay there anymore.
So they were with us Friday night. Then Saturday, we were cleaning the church building and Elder Baron and Elder steed, the Aps, came and picked up the younger missionaries. He was supposed to stay with them for a few days, and the other missionary was supposed to stay with us.
Well we were finnishing up cleaning everything, putting everything away, and we noticed that the missionary wasn’t with us anymore. We figured he was just somewhere else cleaning stuff up. So we started looking for him. We couldn’t find him anywhere. Then we went outside
and our car was gone. He had just left. He didn’t have a phone or
anyone with him, so we had to call our mission president. It turned out to be a chase trying to find the kid again. There aren’t any missionaries in the little rock ward. We found out yesturday that we are covering it now. Our area just went from Benton, Bryant, alexander, and all the areas around them, to that and all of Little Rock too. There are a few sets of missionaries up in North little rock and pinacle mountain, but not in Little Rock. So our area went from big, to Huge. So now we are trying to figure out who all there Progressing investigators are and where they are. Its going to be a busy couple weeks till transfers. Well that’s about all from here.
Everything is going great. We are working hard and loving being able to serve here together. Everything is great. I hope everything is going great there.

Love Elder Marshall

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