Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear family

Hey how is everything going this week? How is your week been going? Anymore snow there? I still can’t believe it snowed there last week. Everything has been going pretty good here. Elder Petaia and I have been doing great together. We are striving to get a lot done here. It did storm pretty good here this last week. I didn’t really get to see too much of it though. I slept through most of it. I guess there were a couple tornadoes that never touched down and everything. I slept through it all. Elder Petaia said he heard the tornado sirens going off for a little while, but I didn’t hear them at all. I remember feeling the apartment rattle a couple times because of the thunder, but I slept through everything else. I wish the storms would come during the day so we could watch them. Its supposed to be raining all week this week, but I don’t think any big thunder storms. It was kind of a slower week than we would have liked. We didn’t have any investigators at church this week. Adela couldn’t come because she had to move a bunch of stuff out of her old house into her new one. She told us she will defiantly be at church this next week though. We are hoping to have a lot of people there this next week. We are both ready to work hard this week. The Spanish is coming ok. Not as good as I hoped it would but I’m learning. Elder Petaia and I are trying to speak Spanish as much as possible. I am starting to be able to help more in lessons. I wish I had had more time learning Spanish. We have been working a recent convert named Fausto. He is a great guy. He would make an amazing missionary, but he is married. He is only a year older than we are. He got baptized in February, but he has a very strong testimony of the gospel. He has invited some of his friends over tonight to meet with us at his house. We are pretty excited for that.
We went fishing this morning. It was a lot of fun. There were 6 of us that went. Elder Leavitt was there too. We had breakfast with a family and then they let us use their pond for a little while. It was fun. Well there isn’t a whole lot else going on here. Dardanelle is a great place. Its nice and small. We are starting to work more in Russellville too. There are a lot more people there. Thanks for everything you do for me.
Love Elder Marshall

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